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Franklin Surplus Family Forms Metal Logics, Inc., Transforming Total Scrap Management for Demolition

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Jun 18, 2014) – Metal Logics, Inc., with 120+ years of executive management specializing in total scrap management and appraisals for demolition projects, has officially diversified from Franklin Surplus, Inc., a recycling and total asset recovery firm based in Seymour, IN since 1911. The diversification grants more flexibility in the area of total scrap management for demolition and the ability to aggressively grow with increased market demand.

According to industry research firm, IBISWorld, the United States is the world’s largest producer of scrap metal, where it accounts for about half of the country’s metal production. Luke and Kyle Franklin recognized a better avenue to increase net sales on a demolition project. Luke Franklin, President of Metal Logics, Inc. explains, “Growing up on the family recycling yard, Kyle and I learned to not only identify the value of all industrial metals, but how to best process the material for maximum value.”

Metal Logics, Inc. processes the metal materials while simultaneously carrying out traditional demolition. This requires minimally more time invested, however Metal Logics, Inc. can then sell the scrap products, mill-direct, to ensure the highest possible net sales. “We have a better understanding of the valuables being demolished or scrapped than our competition,” says Franklin.

There are a number of other areas that sets Metal Logics, Inc. apart from the traditional demolition model. “Every project presents its unique challenges, but every job has the same focus, which the experience of this team can overcome,” says Franklin. “Having senior management on-site focuses on speed, safety, and maximizing profitability through increased efficiencies for each project.” Metal Logics, Inc. partners help provide the best possible pricing and faster payments to clients.

Metal Logics, Inc. retains an extremely high referral and retention rate. Franklin explains, “We will always do what we say we will do: get the job done safely and in a highly efficient manner with the utmost regard to maximizing value and minimizing costs. That is what keeps our business partners coming back to us every time.”

Charles Town, Owner at Intrametco, a leading broker of primary and secondary non-ferrous metals, says, “I am proud to have been a business partner with the crew from Metal Logics in no less than five jobs and every one of them worked out as advertised. With all the ways things can go wrong in demolition, that speaks volumes.” Town continues, “Metal Logics is highly effective in all aspects of demolition from usable to waste and all points in between. They are the only group you want on your demo site!”
About Metal Logics, Inc.

Metal Logics, Inc. services demolition, appraisals, asset sales, environmental remediation, scrap brokering and metal processing across North America. Formed in 2014 out of diversification from Franklin Surplus, Inc. in Indiana, Metal Logics, Inc. offers a different approach to maximizing value and efficiency on demolition projects. For more information or to contact Metal Logics, Inc. for your next demolition or appraisal, please visit, email or call 615-440-7519.