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Metal Logics specializes in industrial demolition, asset recovery, appraisals and scrap metal processing.

Metal Logics is a leader in the demolition industry. We specialize in inustrial demos all over the country. We strive for effciency and use only the safest methods.

Asset Disposition and Plant Liquidations
Metal Logics can help your company in getting the most money out of your equipment. Whether it is just one piece of equipment, several parts throughout the plant or an entire plant liquiations, Metal Logics will work with you to sell your items and close the deal fast.

Brokering Services and Scrap Purchasing
Metal Logics leverages its relationshiops with steel mills, foundries, and various industry leaders to provide the best prices for your scrap. Metal Logics can assist you in selling and transporting your material into any of North America’s market.

Scrap Processing
Metal Logics has many years of experience in the scrap processing industry. We can quickly turn your scrap metal into a high quality, mill ready product. Our knowledge in the scrap processing field ensures that our clients are receiving the most value out of every pound of metal.

Our Experience

Processing, Demolition, and Plant Liquidations

  • Mansfield, OH- 26,000 tons of stamping presses processed to mill specifications.
  • Anderson, IN- 300,000 lbs of copper recovered from co-mingled steel.
  • Crane, IN- 5,000,000 lbs of aluminum sorted and graded into individual alloys.
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